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Bathroom Remodeling and Hot Mopping!



More questions answered concerning your Hot Mopped Shower Pan!

Lets go into more depth on the importance of pre-slope, drain weep holes, and the water test that makes your hot mopped shower pan functions properly!

Water in water the water gets out is what makes a proper shower pan installation.

Everything under your tile has to working together to keep the water flowing as water weeps though your tile and grout joints, saturates the mortor setting bed and on to the Hot Mop. This water needs to travel to the drain and exit via the weep holes!

The need for a pre-pitch under the Hot Mop is the way this water gets to the weep holes...a minimum of a 1/4" per foot but not more then a 1/2" per foot is the industry and building code standard.

Dry Pre-packaged mortar is spread and troweled into place. Depending on the shower size and drain(s) placement a this bed of dry-placed mortar can have a maximum depth of 1-1/2 " (at the farthest point from the drain) to level with the bottom flange of the drain, if we do the math that gives you a distance of 6' from drain to farthest point! Showers or steam rooms that are larger need a base-coat build up to make sure that the slope does not get compressed and gets "valleys" which can cause water puddling or constricted draining to the weeps!Pre-slope

A through stream of water is then applied to the pre-pitch mortar bed and hard-troweled to give the concrete in the mortor mix what it needs to make a surface ready for the Hot mop application and construction traffic. The pre-slope for your shower pan is now ready, it should be @ proper pitch to drain 1/4" per foot but no more than a 1/2' per foot, be saturated with water and troweled to give a even surface, be level around the perimeter,(this gives you sharp 90* corners.)



                                                          Pre-slope finished


The weep holes at the base or your drain top are what lets the water that penetrates your tile floor and setting base exit your shower pan on a continuous basis,,,water in water out. When these are not functioning properly(clogged) water sits in the pan and is never refreshed by new water...dry pack (the tile setting bed) never has a chance to dry out or be replaced with new water, this causes dry pack failure, mold growth, wicking up the wall float, which can cause water intrusion to the outside of your hot mopped shower pan,effecting dry wall and its top coats, sub floor and its finish, it  can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Dk shower pans makes sure that when we leave the job that none of our materials of application of any materials block the weep holes. Your tile contractor should make sure that the weep are clear and properly protected before the application of his setting base.

weep holes in drain

See your next blog on how to perform your water test!!! 


Great Article - the preslope is a very important step and highly recommended. The quality and longevity of any shower installation improves greatly when proper drainage practices are implemented. It appears from the photos that the drain opening could be positioned for a linear shower drain which is our specialty.  
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