Our Hot Mop Clients

One to a hundred every shower pan is the most important!

Production Work

DK Shower Pans has supplied thousands of pans for tract housing, condos, apartment building, hotels and resorts throughout all southern California, the inland empire, and gaining market share in Las Vegas. Since 2003 we have gained the reputation for on time scheduling and top quality customer service, whatever the size of your project. Multiple crews available to keep you on time!

Owner Builders

we our home-owner friendly! In the office and in the field we can help you with information you need on how to get your shower ready to keep your project moving forward. Our office staff can answer the questions you have about framing, drains, curbs, benches, water test, etc. Have the size of the floor area and we can quote you a price over the phone. We accept cash, check, or credit cards for your convenience.

Tile Contractors

Quick service with a top quality product is what you can expect with DK Showerpans. Proper pitch, crisp clean corners, competitive pricing, and dependability you can trust.

Bathroom & Remodeling Contractors

All trucks are equipped to keep your job clean. Our installers will take the time to protect the areas we need to use to access that master bath re- do or the tub to shower change out your client is anxious to have finished. In and out with no mess!

General Contractors and Custom Home Builders

We our able to supply you with the insurance certifications and workman’s comp requirements you need. Bids over the phone, job walk or per plans as needed. Standard construction or unique shapes and layout, unconventional drain situations, extra large areas, including decks and stairs, you name it we have the experience to handle it. Fast and dependable service, competitive pricing. Multiple crews as needed.

Plumbing Contractors:

When the responsibility for waterproofing is yours, you can count on DK Showerpans to give you the reliability and confidence with prompt service that you need.