More about Drains and Hot Mopping!

More about Drains and Hot Mopping!


Do’s and Dont’s on Drains (part 2)

More here on standard drain types. The top of the drain must be lower than the top of your curb! That makes the curb hieght very important and its rough-in hieght is determined by a couple of stipulations.

Distance from drain to farthest part of curb.

Size of shower pan.



Minimum height requirement of finish for code. (Excluding ADA shower pans, more on those in the next blog!) (AKA walk-in showers!)

Starting with the 1/4″ per foot needed on all hot mopped shower pans, add to that 3/4″ to an 1″ of dry pack mortor bed for a solid base, plus thickness of your finish product and method of bonding to the setting bed…and you will get the height of the curb needed…now most showers have a standard height that work with most showers up to a 5′ x 5′, or a 6′ x 6′ if drain placement is fairly center…3-2×4’s stacked flat on the short size will equal 4-1/2 ” which is and has been the standard height for a comfortable step over ito your shower…

Photo shows a standard curb configuaration with center drain and blockied corectly, this pan is ready for hot mop!!!

Now you ask why all the info if I can use a standard height? Now more than in the past, low profile curbs and no curb(walk-in showers) have become extremely popular. With-out the proper planning and drain configuration, you may not get what you want, because your hot mopped shower pan has to do its job correctly, and the drain must be lower than the rough height of the curb by a minimum of 1-1/2 to 2″( in most cases….a nice tidbit of information to have) , it is fairly easy toraise the drain to match the finish floor height you are looking for but a major and costly delay if you have to lower the drain to get the desired results….

In our next blog we will explain some of the  common ways to achieve a low profile or walk in shower…

Do plan from the demolition stage or framing stage on what your finish floor height’s are going to be!

Don’t let the drain to be level or higher than curb or the transition from shower floor to dry-off/main floor area!!!

Here a a few pictures of some of the other styles of drains that can be incorporated into your design to help you get what you want!!!

Here is copper linear or what is also called a trough drain.



Here is a commercial adjustable, these are still a two piece w/clamping ring, notice the 4 bolts, but has a screw in screen unit! More on these later!!!


Here is an ABS (The standard pipe material used thru-out your house for drain,waste and vent.) adjustable.



Here is a short stack (1-1/4″ instead of 2″) cast iron w/ test plug. Very handy in low profile curb applacations!

Now here is a great item, the top piece is an adaptor that convert a regular stack top,(lower piece, into and adjustable!!!

Made by ebbe drain this plate can help in mauny ways. More to come thanks for readingDk shower panshot mopping blog!

ebbe adaptor drain-resized-600


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