The Proper Drain for your Hot Mopped Shower Pan

The Proper Drain for your Hot Mopped Shower Pan



Drains can be an issue. It this blog we will start out with the basics and move on to custom drain applacations. Your basic drain is constructed as a two piece unit, a sub-drain which connects to your waste line, and the clamping ring that bolts to the sub-drain. All the layers of your hot mopped shower are sandwiched between the two and bolted tight. There are many kinds materials that drains are made of, and as long as the two pieces can  bolt together it can more then likely be hot mopped!

One thing to note is that all drains in a shower must be 2″ pipe



connections. So when converting a tub to a shower pan (tubs are usually 1-1/2″ pipe connections)it is one of the most common upgrades to a bathroom, pipe needs to bumped up. Not to worry! Just something to remember as you are planning your remodel.



All drains need to be set level and the sub-drain needs to be flush with the floor surface, that is the bottom part of the sub-drain is sitting on top of your concrete or plywood floor, No more than a 1/4″ of air-space is allowed, if you can not get your drain lower, due to existing circumstances, then you will need to bring the floor up to meet this requirement.

Do make sure that the drain you chose is the correct type!

Don’t set your drain out of level or to high off floor!

Read on! There is a lot more to get to know about drain types and custom applactions!



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